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Fire Pit Tipi

Don’t think you can have an event in a tipi in the winter? Think again, our tipis are built for anytime time of the year, fighting the British weather. Creating a cosy, stunning atmosphere and décor will let you forget all about the cold outdoors for your special event. We can also provide barn doors to shut out the wind. Be it birthday celebrations, weddings or public holidays such as Guy Fawkes or Halloween, All About Me will tailor your event to your needs.

We can offer an open fire pit, which can be placed in the center of the tipis, the chimney system is designed to ensure there is no smoke – just the sight of dancing flames and the crackle of logs we all love!

SAMSUNG CSCThe heat from these open fires are not enough to keep all guests warm during the colder weather, because of this we offer heaters. The heaters are external diesel powered heaters which are incredibly effective. They work by ducting warm air under the bottom edge of the canvas, which then circulates to keep your guests warm and comfortable even on the coldest day or night.