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Our Top Ten Guide to The Wonderful Upsides to Smaller Weddings

Smaller Weddings are EPIC and we’re going to tell you why we love them so much!! Smaller weddings and elopements have been popular for a long while and fill our Pinterest boards with lots of incredible inspiration.  At a time when smaller weddings and intimate gatherings are very much in the minds of many couples, we wanted to share some of those inspirational ideas and how they can absolutely be a reality rather than an aspiration, particularly with a tipi or marquee at your event.

There are so many benefits to throwing an intimate wedding or party and smaller certainly does not need to mean less incredible, far from it. Maybe you are thinking quite differently about how to plan your wedding at the moment too, different but just as amazing!

We are here to make sure your event is incredible and we are really excited to make it happen! Marquees and Tipis can make your event really special no matter the size, location or time of year.

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The Wonderful Upsides to Smaller Weddings

One of the main cost of many wedding receptions is having to supply one of everything for every guest; meals, drinks, floral details for the table, napkins, glass wear, chairs, tables, invitations, gifts, the list is quite extensive. The benefit of smaller events is that some of the details you’d love to include become more of a possibility when you are not having to provide them for perhaps a 100 or more guests.  Here are a few ideas;

1) Pinterest Dreams a Reality

It’s quite likely that you found a gorgeous place setting idea on Pinterest. Well because of their more bijou nature it’s possible to have more details than perhaps would be possible with a large scale celebrations as you are not as limited on costs per guest.

So that gorgeous glass charger plate, with sequin table cloth, copper cutlery, flower and ribbon tied napkin, handwritten calligraphy place setting, individual menu, cut crystal glasses, full on floral runner down the table with ghost chairs…can all be achieved. A real wow factor!

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2) Focal Points and Features

Perhaps you had your heart set on a naked Tipi as a photo opportunity, an amazing bar area, a separate chill out zone. When you are celebrating with a more intimate number of guests, you could allocate some budget to making this a reality. Fill it with lovely little extras, bar barrel tables, chill out bean bags, fire pits and light up neon letters.

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3) Magical Lighting

Our marques and tipis and their surroundings always look so magical when they are lit up with lights, festoon lighting paths, fairy light curtains and canopies, lanterns, uplighting and all things sparkly!

From clear span rooftops with fairy lit canopies to Tipis with festooned lighting bars and chandeliers, smaller structures take less to be impressive, suddenly the full shebang becomes a possibility.

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4) Garden and Backyard Wedding Receptions and Parties

Whether you are throwing a wedding reception or a party, suddenly a smaller guest list opens up the opportunity to hold it in your own outdoor space and therefore the options available to you. We are experts at creating incredible spaces in all sorts of locations, we can come and survey the site for you and give you an idea of what you could do. SO MUCH is the answer!! It’s really exciting. Plus our structures make this a reality all year round, please don’t assume that marquees and tipis are for the summer only. 

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5) Floral Installations

Flowers can make a huge impact to any event and you can splash out a little for more impact with a smaller wedding, with fewer areas and tables to decorate. You could create a stunning entrance feature around the entrance to your tipi or marquee, maybe create a meadow aisle leading up to the entrance or an elaborate dried flower installation.
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6) Anytime of Year

You might have changed the time of year that you are planning to hold your smaller weddings reception or party. We have that covered too, literally, we can create covered walkways, we can provide heaters to keep you warm and of course fabulous fire pits in our tipis.  Time of year does not need to limit your imagination or celebrations. You could supply each guest with a lovely cosy blanket too, so incredible for winter weddings, summer weddings, spring weddings or autumn weddings….anytime of year!

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7) Last Minute Celebrations

Organising a wedding of any size is always going to need a little bit of planning ahead, but if your smaller weddings last minute, with our knowledge and expertise, list of recommended suppliers and in-house furniture, lighting, generator and prop hire, we can make it happen in no time at all! Get in touch and see how we can help.

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8) More Time On The Day

Seems a silly thing to say, but you’ll not have to spread yourself across so many guests on the day, to make sure you say hello to everyone. It will be quality time with your partner and guests, plus your photographer will also love you for it, as with a little more time to play with, you’ll have more opportunity to go off and get some epic photos together.

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9) PS ……Outdoor Weddings

While it is not possible to get legally married outdoors in England at the moment, we have for a long time hoped that this would change and certainly there are rumours that England may follow suit where other countries that have made this happen. It makes a lot of sense, so lets dream about that for a moment too!

Just imagine it, you could get legally married anywhere in the outdoors, not just hold the party. So in your garden, by a lakeside, up a mountainside over looking a valley, in a flower meadow….the possibilities are endless!

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10) People Will Understand…….

Of course for some of you, we know you are so disappointed that your plans have had to be scaled back, we are sending you love and we understand and we hope that this will have helped to get you just a bit excited again about your plans? You may have had to reconsider your guest list, but know that people now more than ever, will understand. 

And maybe we could start a thing when we are allowed to have larger gatherings again, to have a 1st Wedding Anniversary Party instead …in a tipi or marquee of course! Where you can put your wedding outfits on again and throw a big knees up for everyone to celebrate your marriage x

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