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Tips for planning your perfect tipi wedding - Ceremony
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The most important step to planning your tipi wedding is deciding on the look and feel that you both wish to create and also who you would like to share this special day with.

Creating your guest list is key to planning your tipi wedding, as the number of guests celebrating with you will heavily impact on the number of tipis you will require. It is also important to consider any extras that you would like. Do you want a bar inside your tipi? Would you like an area for your guests to be able to chill out or even an area that the children can go and play in? We have actually just hosted a wedding where one of our cirrus tents was used as a children’s area and had a games console for them to play on! The possibilities are endless.

The next step to the perfect tipi wedding is the venue; this can seem like a challenge in itself! You will be pleased to know that All About Me are here to help! As winners of the Wedding Industry Awards for two years running, we have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to venues up and down the country. Our knowledge can be used to suggest and help you find venues that will fit your chosen themes for the day as well as the desired number of tents. If you choose to look for your own venue then farmer’s fields, pubs/restaurants, holiday cottages and estates are a good place to start.

Now comes the exciting bit, the tipis! Come to us for a bespoke quote, we can offer you anything from a blank canvas to do as you wish or provide you with the extras which we offer such as seating, stages, dance floors and fire pits to the finishing touches such as reindeer skins and shepherds hooks and lanterns. We are able to make suggestions to make your day most memorable for both yourselves and your guests!

Now for the boring bits, however they are important to make sure your event can run! It is important to consider where your guests will go to the toilet? How will electricity be provided to the tipi? You may be fortunate to have a venue that have these facilities in place however if not then we can help you as much as you need as we have suppliers which we are able to recommend to you!

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