Hiring Tipis in Educational Settings in the UK
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The Value of Hiring Tipis for Corporate Events

In the dynamic world of corporate events, companies are constantly seeking innovative and memorable venues to host clients, undertake team building exercises, and showcase new products etc. As businesses look beyond traditional event spaces, hiring tipis has emerged as a forward-thinking choice for hosting a wide range of activities throughout the year. Here we explain the value of choosing tipis for corporate occasions.

Versatile Spaces for Diverse Events

Tipis offer versatile spaces that can be tailored to suit a variety of corporate events, from intimate client meetings and team building retreats to unveiling new products, and awards evenings. The open interiors and modular designs of tipis allow for flexible layouts and configurations, easily accommodating both small and large gatherings.

Unique and Memorable Atmosphere

Hosting corporate events in tipis often creates an exciting buzz that comes with unique experiences. Set against the backdrop of an urban skyline, or next to open countryside, tipis provide a refreshing departure from the traditional conference rooms and banqueting halls.

Encouraging Better Communication and Collaboration

The intimate and cosy ambiance of tipis encourages guests and employees to communicate in a more meaningful way, creating opportunities to strengthen workplace relationships. Whether networking with clients or setting team building activities, the communal atmosphere of tipis encourages people to work collaboratively when it is desired.

Branding and Customisation

Tipis offer ample opportunities for branding and customisation, allowing businesses to showcase their corporate identity and create immersive brand experiences. From branded signage and digital displays to themed decorations and interactive installations, tipis provide a canvas for businesses to leave a lasting impression on clients, employees, and the general public.

Weatherproofing and Comfort

In the unpredictable British climate, tipis offer some crucial shelter from the weather, ensuring the comfort and enjoyment isn’t ruined during the event. With optional heating, lighting, and flooring solutions, tipis provide a welcoming environment, regardless of unavoidable showers or storms.

Hosting corporate events in our tipis offers businesses in the UK a unique and memorable way to engage with guests. With their versatility, ambiance, and practical benefits, tipis lead the way for corporate event experiences.