Tipi, Teepee or Marquee?

You say Tipi, we say Teepee!

Let’s talk Teepees! Or is it Tipi’s or Tepee – or shall we  just call it a Marquee? How about a Tent, Marquis, Kata, Giant Hat, Stratus, Cirrus……..Confused? We aren’t surprised.

So let’s try and simplify things for you. If you are here, you are probably looking for a venue to hold your Wedding, Party, Festival or some other special occasion.

You may have looked at many different Teepee/Marquee companies (oh for goodness sake – let’s just stick with Tipi for now!). So you may have been through a few TIPI company websites and now you have a lot of questions and a bit of a headache, but you are no closer to deciding what you want, where you want it, how much you want to spend and what company to hire it from!

Obviously we are going to tell you that All About ME is your best bet. Of course we would say that! But let’s try and give you a bit more information so that you can make your own informed decision;

  1. All About ME are award winning – 2 years in a row from the Wedding Industry Awards
  2. We use Tent Tipi. There is no other Tipi maker out there who produce better quality and more reliability than Tent Tipi.
  3. A Tipi is much more than a few poles and a bit of canvas. To go back to Tent Tipi, let’s use their description as an explanation; “The concept of a traditional tipi is simple and elegant.  But scale it up to giant size, add the ability to link multiple tipis together, meet modern health & safety standards, and deliver a structure that really works in practice and things get rather more difficult.It’s only when you live with your tipis in a variety of linked configurations, in a variety of weather conditions that you start to understand what does and doesn’t work. Our 25 year journey to create the Tentipi Event tipi range we have today has seen us experience all manner of site and weather conditions. It’s that experience that is built into the tried and tested, reliable products we have today. “
  4. Our Team are knowledgeable and friendly and straight talking. This is so important when you are looking for a Tipi provider, we can’t stress it enough. If we say ‘we don’t think that will work’, or ‘you don’t need that’, or ‘in our experience…..’ then we mean it with the best of intentions. We never want to stay quiet and just simply do as we are told. Of course we will work our socks off to ensure that we deliver exactly what our clients want, but we will never do it at the expense of Health and Safety, to cut corners or to save a bit of cash. We pride ourselves on being the most professional, knowledgeable, efficient, punctual, flexible, friendly, contactable – pretty much any other superlative we can come up with – Tipi company in the UK!
  5. Our clients say we are great! Why take our word for it? Just ask people who have already worked with us. We have some testimonials on our website that you can see here. But clearly we are only going to put the best testimonials on our website right? Well yes that’s true, but that’s because we honestly don’t have any bad testimonials. Of course we have received feedback, and we take on board everything that our clients say to make our service even better. There is always room for improvement and we will never stop aiming high. We want to be the best Tipi, Teepee, Marquee hire company in the World!!!!!

So we hope that helps to clear things up a bit. To summarise, you need to look for quality, reliability, a proven track record, honesty and professionalism. And that is All About ME!