Structures For Your Wedding
10 Things To Consider When Hiring A Temporary Structure

Extending your capacity and giving you the ability to host outdoor events, regardless of the weather.

Pubs and restaurants in the UK are increasingly adopting various structures to extend their space, driven by the need to accommodate more customers and enhance the overall dining experience. This strategic move offers numerous benefits, ranging from increased revenue to improved customer satisfaction.


  1. Outdoor Dining Areas: Structures such as tipis, marquees, and dining pods in the form of chalets are utilised to create additional seating areas outdoors. These spaces cater to customers who prefer dining in the open air, and enjoy an more unique dining experience.
  2. Event Hosting: These structures can be repurposed for hosting private events, including weddings, corporate functions, and birthday parties. They offer a unique and customisable environment that can be tailored to specific themes and requirements of the business.
  3. Seasonal and Themed Experiences: Pubs and restaurants can leverage these spaces for seasonal promotions, such as summer beer gardens or winter wonderlands, enhancing their appeal during different times of the year.


  1. Increased Capacity: Extending the physical space allows pubs and restaurants to serve more customers, particularly during peak times and special events. This directly translates to higher revenue and better use of available outdoor space.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Unique structures like tipis and marquees provide an attractive and novel dining environment. This not only improves the dining experience but also encourages repeat visits and positive word-of-mouth, often seen on social media.
  3. Flexibility and Adaptability: Temporary structures are versatile and can be easily set up, dismantled, or reconfigured based on changing needs. This flexibility allows businesses to quickly adapt to new trends, customer preferences, or perhaps changes in weather.

Business Impacts

  1. Revenue Growth: The ability to accommodate more guests and host special events can significantly boost revenue. Premium pricing for events and themed experiences further enhances profitability.
  2. Market Differentiation: Using distinctive structures helps pubs and restaurants stand out in a competitive market. This differentiation attracts customers looking for unique and memorable dining experiences with friends and family.
  3. Brand Enhancement: Investing in appealing and functional outdoor structures enhances the brand image for a business. This can lead to increased customer loyalty and positive brand recognition particularly as people regularly post of social accounts and will tag the venue if they are impressed.
  4. Seasonal Profitability: Structures like heated and insulated tipis and domes ensure year-round usability, maximising profitability across all seasons. This is particularly beneficial during colder spells when traditional outdoor dining might not be feasible.


  1. Tipis and Marquees: Larger structures such as these provide a rustic and cosy atmosphere, ideal for bigger outdoor areas. They can be equipped with heating, lighting, and comfortable seating to create an inviting environment.
  2. Chalets: Offering a more intimate dining experience, these spaces are ideal for small groups and can be climate-controlled for comfort throughout the year. They cater to customers seeking privacy and exclusivity.
  3. Stretch or Sperry Tents: These designs offer shaded and aesthetically pleasing outdoor areas. They are relatively easy to install and can be decorated with attractive lighting they create a pleasing ambiance for customers.

The use of structures to extend space in pubs and restaurants across the UK provides a multifaceted solution to increasing capacity, enhancing the customer experience, and maintaining flexibility. This approach not only drives revenue growth and market differentiation but can also demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a strategic investment for long-term success.