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How many times have we heard it said that these are unprecedented times? They really are and we’ve been spending a lot of time helping and looking for ways to help the collective effort. We know that the retail shops and hospitality sector have been really impacted and we want to do everything we can to assist businesses of all sizes get back to doing what they love, by providing temporary spaces whilst observing the measures associated with Covid 19. We are here for your business;

All About ME temporary marquee spaces are available for hire on a short- or long-term basis, marquees and tipis are very flexible and multi-functional space. They can be used to service anything from extra warehousing, pop up spaces to maximise sales at trading shows to events spaces for longer periods of time. Whatever your needs, our event team is on hand to discuss your requirements. 

Our Experience

Our previous experience has seen us work with Amazon for extra warehousing, building canteen spaces for construction sites, extending bar, restaurants and retail spaces among many more. We specialise in creating temporary spaces whether it be a functional purpose or a more eye catching corporate event over a long period. 

Once lockdown restrictions are slowly lifted, it is fully expected that the social distancing rules will stick around for some time. We’re looking to help businesses create the extra space they’ll need to get back their normal turnover of a business, whilst allowing sufficient space between customers.

We recognise the need to create larger, temporary spaces for your business and are able to offer structures that can do just that, in all sizes, for all sites. 

Contact Us

The All About Me team are here to assist you and your business in any way we can. Please pick up the phone to us on 01244 360214, email us, get in touch to just see how we might be able to help you. Even if you decide it’s not for you, we never mind having that conversation. It’s always worth sharing some ideas and see where our collective thoughts lead.

You can also find out more information here about our long term marquee hire and long term tipi hire.

Temporary Spaces – How Can We Help You Adapt Your Business?

We recognise the need to create larger, temporary spaces for your business and are able to offer structures that can do just that, in all sizes, for all sites.

We have seen that Supermarkets and DIY stores that have remained open during these time have needed to make the most of the space they have, they have the advantage of having large areas to work with, could you use a bit more space now or when restrictions lift?

We can help, it’s what we do, we create spaces from scratch that were not there before!  We are experts at this, and in pretty much any terrain and weather you wish to throw at us! Could you adapt and make this work? Even if you just have a small outdoor space, we could help make it work for you. Here are just a few ideas;

1) Covered Outdoor Eating Areas

We have a number of different structures, from Tipis to marquees, covered walkways and entrances to wooden chalets for intimate dining spaces to bar and canteen areas. All of which can be set up to increase the capacity of your café, restaurant or Pub to get revenue back on track. Covered spaces that can be large spaces to aid social distancing, or individual units for private dining or Pop- up restaurants and cafes

We have everything you need to kit the temporary spaces out as much or as little as you need with heating, flooring and furniture too.

2) Schools & Nursery

We have had a number of Schools and nursery contact us to talk through options for temporary expansion for when the children and pupils return. Our temporary spaces can be built to house extra classroom areas, break out rooms or lecture space to help comply with social distancing measures.

3) Entrance Area for Food or Product Collection

Do you have a takeaway or eatery that could use an extra sturdy weatherproof area outside to appeal to customers to be able to collect food take out from? We can provide structures that will do that job perfectly and we can help you make it the temporary spaces you need.

4) Temporary Warehousing and Storage 

During this time, we have seen high demand for companies needing extra storage space to help comply with social distancing for staffing. Experience has seen us respond to companies in providing testing centres and extra storage in this crisis. Our structures are versatile in both sizing and purpose of the build.

business alternative temporary structures covid 19 solutions

5) All Weather Cover for Construction 

Construction companies have been working hard during these lockdown measures and have been facing multiply challenges, we have been providing canteen spaces contraction sites for both long- and short-term solutions. We can respond quickly in order to provide you construction site the structure you need to comply with social distancing in order to get work back to normal as quickly as possible.

business alternative temporary structures covid 19 solutions

6) Covered Drive Through Points

Do you have a business that has the ability to offer a drive through and collect service? From groceries, to florists, to hot food to gardening goods. Although you might be offering something informally like this already, a bespoke set up that you can share on your social media might make people feel more comfortable using it knowing they can socially distance in their vehicles.

7) An Enlarged Space for a Retail Unit

We saw a story of a pub landlord who had a large bar area that he converted into a village shop, locals booked in a time, came in and did their shop and took home a flask of draught beer too …perhaps your bar, cafe or shop area feels too small for socially distancing but with an extra area, you could offer a similar service?

business alternative temporary structures covid 19 solutions

Other Uses for Long Term Temporary Spaces Solutions
  • Temporary Classrooms and lecture space
  • Emergency Cover/ Emergency Shelters
  • Temporary warehousing and storage
  • Venue long term hire
  • Canteen
  • Gymnasiums and conditioning suites
  • Winter hospitality
  • All weather cover for construction
  • Seasonal Storage
  • Pop- up restaurants and cafes
  • Exhibition and event space
  • Tv, film and media
  • Public Services
  • Temporary retail space and pop up shop
  • Manufacturing

You know your business best and we are here to help, no matter how big or small the space is you might need, we want to be able to assist you and are waiting to hear from you. We are a really friendly and resourceful team, give us a call to see what we can do together. Call us on 01244 360214 or email us we are looking forward to hearing from you,

Best wishes

The All About ME Team


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