It is understandable that guests who are invited to a wedding or any type of event in a Tipi might be concerned about the toilet situation. If you have had experiences of festivals or camping as a youngster, you may have terrible memories of blocked toilets and smelly washrooms. And everyone has had that nightmare situation of being caught short without toilet roll. It isn’t something that most of us like to talk about much, but it is a reality of every day life and like it or not, it needs to be a main concern when organising any event based in one of our tipis.

Mobile Toilets

Blue Loos Luxury Toilets

Unless the tipi is adjacent to a house or facility with suitable WC’s – suitable to cope with the number of guests expected at your event, you will need to hire mobile toilets. There are a lot of great companies out there who provide these services, but you need to be aware that you don’t have to make do with substandard, or ‘builder-type’ toilets. The range of facilities that you can get these days is vast, and some of them are positively lovely!

No we aren’t joking. We are confident enough to say that the mobile toilet facilities that we recommend for use alongside our tipis are actually very luxurious! We work alongside a company called Blue Loos and their luxury range include;

  • Quality hand soaps
  • Fresh towels
  • Full carpeted interior
  • Modern fixings and chrome finishes
  • Aesthetically pleasing exteriors
  • Automatic air fresheners
  • hot and cold running water
  • heating
  • Mirrors with soft lighting
  • Heating
  • Background music

Now that doesn’t sound like your average mobile toilet does it? Blue Loos do provide a range of options to suit individual budgets, so if your event doesn’t require such luxury, you can go with their more standard models which are still really quite lovely.

So you can reassure your guests that your event will provide more than suitable toilet facilities, plenty of toilet roll, heating and even some ambient background music if you desire. Definitely not your average festival toilet!