Stretch Tents

Stretch Tent Marquees For Hire

We supply a range of natural coloured stretch tents that could provide a stunning backdrop to your activity. Our stylish tents are sleek and impressive whilst also providing a practical choice for lots of different uses.

Unlike boxy, traditional white marquees, our stretch tents can be rigged in a variety of ways to personalise the look of the structure to match your ideas for the big day.

So whatever the weather, they can be rigged open sided, or enclosed and comfortable – so you can rest assured that you will have a suitable plan no matter if it’s hot and sunny, rainy or chilly.

Stretch Tent Floorplans

The layout of the stretch can be adapted to a variety of uses, including as a dwelling, a ceremonial space, or as a special event venue. They are known for their unique, rustic charm and ability to provide a connection to nature.

Our Process