Bunting Queen of Tipis!
Wedding Industry Awards Winners 2015!!
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One week and five days to be precise. The Tipis are being built as we speak! That makes it really feel like its actually happening, if you know what I mean.

The Tipis would usually be built a day or two before the wedding, but there is another wedding the weekend before ours at the same venue, so the Tipis are staying up. This has worked out great for us at it means we will have longer to dress the venue. The All About Me team have been so flexible and brilliant with letting us do this, we can’t thank them enough. In Fact, we have been so lucky with all of our suppliers. This is who we have gone with;

They have all been really accommodating and are used to working with the Tipis which we think is very important.

The next time I write a blog post will be after the wedding! By then I will be in a better place to be able to provide some useful information about what has gone well and what has gone not so well. Hopefully everything will be brilliant! No matter what the weather I know that I can rely on the Tipis to keep all of my friends and family warm and dry. The thing I am most excited about is the fire pits. They make the Tipis so cosy and inviting and I just know that people who don;t know what to expect will be blown away by how spectacular the Tipis will look.

I will post lots of photos next time. And if my photos come out well I will tell you all about my photographers!