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Spring Open Weekend
Categories: Brides & Grooms/ WeddingsPublished On: February 17th, 2016

Amanda and Matt are this years winners of the 50% discount competition. It’s now time to introduce you to our winners

Matt and I met on an impromptu night out in Warrington. Unfortunately the way we met wasn’t terribly romantic, however he must have done something right because 3 years later we own our own house with 2 pet dogs and are engaged to be married!

Matt proposed to me in October 2015 in my ideal way, walking with our dogs in a beautiful setting in the Yorkshire Dales right in front of a waterfall, we decided instantly we didn’t want to wait too long to get married. We knew we wanted it to be late summer but that would only give us 11 months to organise the wedding and save up to pay for it, eek! But the alternative was to wait until 2017 – definitely too far away for us!Amanda & Matt

So that was it, we started planning for September 2016. At first I thought the planning was going to be a nightmare, thinking back to how difficult it was for us to agree on how to decorate the house! But straight away we seemed to have the same ideas, neither of us wanted a religious wedding, or a standard hotel wedding.

We both love the outdoors, so were originally looking for an outside wedding venue when we came across All About Me Marquees & Events – a Tipi! The pictures looked stunning and we had to see them in person, I called the team on a whim whilst I was at work – we’d actually just missed the Autumn Open Day, but they said the tipi’s would still be up if we wanted to go and see them. Yvonne was very helpful on the phone and arranged for James and Andy to meet us. The only  time we could meet was in the evening so it was dark but the tipi’s looked amazing, so much bigger than I expected, a lot warmer and also a lot more private. The fairy lights made the place look so magical. That was it, we were in love with the tipi and just had to find somewhere we could put it!

All our plans are coming along nicely, we have booked the venue, the band, the honeymoon and I have my dress – no food as yet though, but we’re certain it will come into place soon enough! Amanda & Matt
We want to say a great, big, massive thank you to Dave and the team for the amazing news that we won their competition! It was such an amazing surprise! Now we can get the bigger dance floor package!

We’re looking forward to the Spring open day now to see the tipi’s in the daylight and start imagining how to decorate them (although we already have a few ideas!).

Thank you again to everyone in the team you have been an absolute joy to work with so far!

Amanda and Matt x