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If you have ever organised an event, or you have organised, or are in the process of organising your wedding, you will know just how stressful it can be. It should be an enjoyable time, but occasionally it can all get a bit overwhelming. There are so many huge important decisions to make, emails to send, bills to pay and phone calls to make, sometimes it can turn into a bit of a nightmare.

That is why we always have a trusty wedding planner on-hand to guide our clients should they need that extra bit of help. And it just so happens that the gorgeous Kristin is married to a brilliant Photographer, which makes them the perfect go-to couple when it comes to looking after those special memories of your big day.

The photographs are your lasting legacy from your wedding day so it is massively important that they are great quality and that everything runs smoothly to ensure that everything is in place when it needs to be.

Mr and Mrs W have got tons of experience between them and you really couldn’t put your day in better hands. Read some of their satisfied customers testimonials and see for yourself!