Wedding Industry Awards Winners 2015!!
Making Your Vision come to life!

So its now two weeks since our amazing Tipi Wedding! I have got so many thank you’s to make I hardly know where to start. But one thing in particular stands out as needing high praise, and that is the bar service. We just could’t have asked for a more reliable, professional and friendly bar service for the day.

The day before the wedding Paul was at the Tipis making sure everything was set up and prepared for the next day. He was counting and re-counting glasses, checking and double-checking power points and generators and generally making sure that Sam and I were happy with everything.

On the wedding day he welcomed guests with a glass of bucks fizz each, or non-alcoholic alternatives, and him and his team kept the drinks flowing all night long. He seemed to pay particular attention to our request for a certain high energy, high alcohol drink, which meant that some of our guests ended up worse for wear by the end of the night. But in my mind that was a sign of a great party. Paul had catered for everyones tastes and made sure that there was never a queue at the bar and no ones glass was ever empty.

The one thing in particular that we noticed more than anything was that Paul had a smile on his face from beginning to end. It was a flipping long day, but his smile never faltered! We would not hesitate to recommend him and cannot thank him enough for the contribution he made to our wedding day. Paul – it would not have been the same without you. Cheers!