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What are Bedouin Tents?

Well strictly speaking a Bedouin Tent is a cloth structure used by Arabs as a dwelling in the deserts of Asia and Africa. So do we hire Bedouin tents? No we don’t. We do however hire tents similar to the traditional Bedouin dwelling.

Did you know that according to source of all internet knowledge Wikipedia;

“There are a number of Bedouin tribes, but the total population is often difficult to determine, especially as many Bedouin have ceased to lead nomadic or semi-nomadic lifestyles.”

Interesting isn’t it? So if you have landed here we can assume you are looking to hire something similar to a Bedouin Tent from a company near Cheshire. In which case, take a look at our photo gallery and see if anything you see matches what you are looking for.

We prefer to call out tents, teepees, tipis, marquees, katas or camping tipis. We have a wide selection of tents to select from depending on your specific requirements.