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Back by popular demand, we are launching a lunchtime brainteaser. Every day at 12.30pm until further notice, we will be posting a spot the difference, trivia or brainteaser on our Facebook page for you to enjoy (or to drive you mad! haha).

We would really like some feedback on these such as;

  • are they too easy
  • are the too difficult
  • what sort of puzzles would you like to see

Also if you could share them with your friends that would be great! We want to make it a new Facebook craze and get the #allaboutfun spreading as much as we can.

So please help us out and like our Facebook page. Keep an eye out for our daily teaser at 12.30pm and join in the fun. But if you are in work, please don’t neglect your duties. We don’t want to get in trouble with your boss!!!