When hiring a temporary event structure in the UK, there are several critical factors to consider to ensure the success of your event. These considerations will help you choose the right structure, meet legal requirements, and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for your guests. We have put together a checklist, and All About Me helps you make informed decisions on the following:

1. Type of Structure

Determine the type of structure that best suits your event. Options include tipis, marquees, stretch tents and domes. Consider the size, shape, and style that will best accommodate your event’s needs and theme.

2. Capacity

Assess the number of guests you expect to attend. Ensure the structure can comfortably accommodate your audience, taking into account space for seating, activities, and any additional features like stages or dance floors. If the weather is not in your favour, you will need space to accommodate all your guests at the same time.

3. Location and Ground Conditions

Evaluate the location where the structure will be installed. Check the ground conditions (e.g., grass, concrete, gravel) to ensure the structure can be securely anchored. Consider the site’s accessibility for setup and takedown.

4. Weather Considerations

UK weather can be unpredictable, so choose a structure that can withstand various conditions, including wind, rain, and cold temperatures. Our structures provide proper ventilation, heating options, and waterproof materials. We offer extra weather proofing kits in colder months and additions like sealed wooden doors.

5. Permits and Regulations

Check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits for setting up a temporary structure. Ensure compliance with health and safety standards, fire safety regulations, and planning permissions.

6. Safety and Security

Our structures meets safety standards and include all the necessary safety features like fire exits, extinguishers, and secure anchoring. You could consider additional security measures, such as barriers or security staff, depending on the event’s nature and location.

7. Facilities and Amenities

Consider the amenities needed for your event, such as lighting, heating, flooring, and toilet facilities. We will guide you, to ensure the structure can accommodate these requirements comfortably.

8. Budget

Establish a clear budget for the structure and related expenses. Look carefully at quotes from suppliers, and check about any additional services. Ensure there are no hidden costs for your event. We can recommend trusted suppliers who we have worked with.

9. Reputation and Experience of the Provider

Research any chosen suppliers for your event, choose companies who have plenty of experience in the industry, and who take safety as seriously as providing you with an unforgettable event. All About Me do both! We pride ourselves on our reliability, and for piece of mind, we always have spare stock incase of damages.

10. Insurance

Look into appropriate insurance, including public liability and damage insurance. This protects you from potential liabilities and ensures that any accidental damage or accidents caused by guests or staff are covered.


Hiring a temporary event structure involves careful planning and consideration of various factors to ensure a smooth and successful event. By addressing the type of structure, capacity, location, weather, permits, safety, amenities, budget, provider reputation, and insurance, you can make an informed decision that meets your event’s needs and ensures a positive experience for all attendees. We are an award winning hire service, with years of experience and a dedicated team, so we can make the whole process easy for you.